The elephant in the room

I have been meaning to post for more than a week but what with the move back to the UK from Ireland it really hasn’t been possible.

It had been my intention to post about the best bits of Ireland before I left and then to post about the EU – in/out debate, but none of that happened. I try to make this blog about gardening so didn’t want to get into politics or religion, both subjects that have been troubling me for some time. And I never want to offend anyone who reads or follows this blog. But then hey, half the population has decided that the (former) UK is going to leave the EU and I am ashamed and horrified and very angry. So be warned.

From memory, only 37% of the voting population wanted that egotistic imbecile David Cameron to be Prime Minister. And he may have got that many votes because he promised the public a vote on the EU. He likes letting the public vote. It makes then think they have some control. Bull.

And now a slim majority of people have voted to leave the EU. 48% of the population wanted to stay – more than wanted Cameron in. I have been listening to the debates leading up to the vote and have felt increasingly depressed at the discussions and the opinions of the public. There are countless reasons given for the ‘out’ vote. But one that keeps coming up is that people are disillusioned by mainstream politics. Yes, I am too. They are mostly a bunch of self-serving liars. But so were the ones that told us that we were better out of Europe. The 365 million a week cost of being in the EU was widely discredited as being untrue. Listening to them today these ‘out’ supporters had no ideas – their only advice was ‘don’t panic’. How very appropriate. Its just a shame that we don’t actually live on the set of Dad’s Army even though most ‘out’ voters may think we do. The world has changed. We need to work with our neighbours and, to be honest, I would rather be close to the rest of Europe than get into bed with China, famous for its human rights, which Cameron is so happy to do.

And what a big surprise – just hours after the result was announced Farage has admitted that he was not being truthful about the money being spent on EU membership being spent on the NHS instead –

“No I can’t [guarantee it], and I would never have made that claim. That was one of the mistakes that I think the Leave campaign made,” he said.

Well get away – we were not given accurate facts – to put it mildly.


I am sorry, but in the end, this vote was about racism. Yes, Britain has shown itself to be the perfect place for Donald Trump to visit today because just as he wants to keep out Mexican immigrants and Muslims, we have done just the same but regarding the Polish etc. In fact he commented, on his visit, that the country had taken its country back. So Trump thinks we are doing the right thing – that’s reassuring.

I do understand that immigration is an issue – we are a crowded country –  but the south of Europe is having to cope with many more times the immigrants flooding across the Med. We are a global society now and we have to work together. And if you voted Out and want to buy your strawberries in Waitrose tomorrow, just think about who was bent double in the fields picking them. Your son? No, he is on a gap year travelling round Thailand or visiting his nan who has retired to Spain (sorry – I mean established a foreign speaking enclave in a foreign country adding nothing to their local culture or benefit, shopping only in the English shop and drinking only in the English pub). Perhaps he will work in the fields being paid minimum wage for getting soaked or sunburned all day when he gets back.

I am ashamed of this result. I want to say that this was not my decision nor that of a lot of the population. Cameron has put the future of the UK at risk. I have no idea what will happen to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Having lived in Ireland for 3 1/2 years I know how things are much better there than they have been for a long time and that is now put at risk. NO, the UK is not an island, it is several islands! Scotland will now ask for another vote to leave the UK and stay in the EU.

I suggest that the Queen asks to see Cameron and ask for his head. He has done his best to destroy the UK. Oh and while she is at it the Queen should do something to ban those newspapers that feed our fear and prejudices.

Cameron just said that it is his responsibility to face tough decisions, not duck them – good call mate – you left this one to the public! And he has decided to resign. So bring on the blonde fop – will make a perfect companion to Trump. God help us all!

Freedom is of no value without knowing what to do with it. I was happy that Brussels had a moderating force on our society to avoid extremes in a world where right wing forces are growing, fuelled by the fear of immigration. It was not perfect but it did more good than harm.

Sorry World.

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3 Comments on “The elephant in the room”

  1. Jeff Wells
    June 24, 2016 at 9:09 am #

    Great stuff. ‘Give us our country back!’, they say. Back from whom? From the Russian gangsters and Sheikhs who own most of central London? From the obscenely rich tax fiddlers? The wealthy elite whose fortunes have more than doubled in recent years as the wages of of millions fell. The casino crooks who play dice with our livelihoods in the City banks? The unspeakable Philip Green? The housing crisis which is robbing young people of any chance of independent living? Are they going to magically disappear when we leave the EU? The fact is that Brexit have absolutely no strategy for dealing with the real problems that face the country. Ours is a broken economy and the phantom sums that Brexit say we will ‘save’ – even if they actually existed, represent a proverbial drop in many oceans.

    Staying in wouldn’t have solved these problems either, of course. As a socialist I can easily envisage circumstances where it might be right to leave the EU (in the interests of working people). But certainly not now, and not for the reasons Brexit have offered, which basically amount to immigration, immigration and immigration. Is that it? Pathetic. Just look at who was for leaving. Boris Johnson? If I asked him the time of day, I’d want a second opinion. Nigel Farage? Britain’s answer to Donald Trump. UKIP? The hiding place of the old British National Party supporters – ie fascists. Not surprising that one of the first to congratulate the Brexiteers is Marine le Pen of the crypto-fascist Front National.

    And let’s not forget – now we’ve escaped the ‘malevolent’ power of the EU, we’ll end up back in the tender care of the US. Great.

    ‘The Pianist’ – (Husband of Chloris at

  2. joy
    June 25, 2016 at 8:23 am #

    here here bravo we so agree .

  3. Luce
    June 26, 2016 at 12:28 am #

    Well said, but not so sure we should ban any newspapers!

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